SMSC Centre is a leading global telecom technology service organization, focusing on mobile messaging services worldwide. We offer power packed mobile messaging solutions to enterprises of all verticals, mobile operators, aggregators, ISPs and resellers.
SMSC Centre is bringing the revolution in telecom technology services domain by following the “Mantra” of “IDIDCL – Innovate, Deliver, Improve, Differentiate, Communicate and Lead” with lightening speed, cost efficient approach and zero error tolerance to the quality. Belief in the mantra has carved the way to reach each customer globally.
SMSC Centre with its eagle eye started the operations in India and now spreading its wings globally. Today, SMSC Centre has global presence with more than 41000 Customers.

Vision & Mission

To enlighten human lives worldwide by offering the super excellent Telecommunication Technology Services every second..
Proactively understanding customer’s need in fast paced changing communication environment globally with our continuous focus on innovation.


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