Enjoy SMPP (Short Message Peer to Peer) dedicated Channels or Multi connects to send BULK traffic in fastest way with live alerts and reports.
Live Next 2 OPERATOR Queue to make ease to know your traffic delivery & Queue status real time.
SMPP is the fastest & finest way to SEND SMS using Standard protocol.
Perfectly suitable for the businesses having high monthly SMS push requirements. More [+]
The SMPP is a simple and powerful API to send all kinds of SMS types, including ordinary text, binary, and Unicode messages.


Fast & smarter way to send thousands of customized SMS in one go.
XML is highly portable and hence easily integrated irrespective of the language in which your application is built.
Precise control over data types, data formats.
Highest availability, performance, and security to run most demanding SMS applications. More [+]


Simple & easy way to integrate with websites & Application, Start Sending & receiving messages by using our HTTP API.
Support both HTTP and HTTPS protocols but we strongly urge you to use HTTPS for greater security of your account information. It can use GET or POST both methods.
A stateless protocol because each command is executed independently, without any knowledge of the commands that came before it. More [+]


FTP is an excellent option/ interface for sending large batches of SMS.
Support for individual content for each recipient.
Can be combined with other APIs to retrieve delivery reports.
Efficient store-and-forward with configurable retry schemes.
Ability to set validity periods and deferred delivery.
Suitable for high-volume messaging. More [+]


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